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Why Light Coloured Exterior Paints Now a Hot Trend?

You might be wondering why so many buildings in Templestowe and Kew are now being painted with light colours. Aren’t they difficult to maintain since dirt, dust and stain can easily affect the appearance? Well, your point is not invalid but there are several reasons why these colours are trending right now. We will explain them here so that you can make better decisions, especially if you are looking to paint exterior surfaces.

  • Light Colours Reflect More Light

The painters carrying out exterior painting in Templestowe besides Kew are recommending light colours for outside surfaces of buildings since they reflect sunlight more thus making the colour look more attractive. Therefore, if you have an establishment, the exterior surface of which is painted with a light colour, expect more footfall since people are attracted to colours that are easy on their eyes.

  • Light Colours Give a Flat Look

At present, light colours on building surfaces are trending because they help establish a flat look.

People are now experimenting with this type of look, and these lighter shades are helping them to fulfil their objectives. In fact, if the exterior paint is a lighter shade, adding colourful artwork becomes easier which makes the building even more attractive.

  • A Quick Wash Can Quickly Help Restore the Looks

If the building exterior with light colour becomes dirty, an exterior home washing service in Kew apart from Templestowe will help in reviving the original appearance quickly. For this reason, these colours are now trending in these locations and in other regions as well.

However, if you want to go the conventional way to save maintenance costs, you can fall back to using mid-tones or shades that are a notch deeper.

  • The Option is there for a Darker Coat

A light-coloured coat on the outer surface of your building leaves a way for applying darker coats later, as per your preferences. So, due to this flexibility, this type of paint is now trending.

There have been many instances when exterior painters in Templestowe apart from Kew have applied extra coats later to buildings as per the request of the owners.

  • Makes the Building Look Elegant

This might sound very generic, but at present, anything that is simple and elegant can trend easily. The same is the case here with exterior painting.

Applying a coat that is mild makes a building look soothing yet appealing. Moreover, lighter colours can help amplify darker or richer ones that are in the locality. For this reason, customers are now opting for this type of paint colour which has amplified the trend.

  • Enables the Application of Various Colours on the Exterior

Light colours are trending now since the application of more than one colour is possible to the building exterior.

Surely, a dark or a rich colour will not provide you with the option of putting in more than one colour to your building, but a lighter note can. For this reason, Templestowe exterior painters recommend the usage of these colours on the wall.

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What Are The Trending Exterior House Walls Colours?

When people have to select the paints for the exterior house walls, they choose their favourite ones. While some of them select blue, yellow, cream and light orange to give the inner and outer portion of their property a more appealing look, others want to go with the latest trends. They choose white, light grey, ivory, dark grey, taupe, etc. Some artistic people choose a combination of two and sometimes three colours to enhance the beauty of their property. They think that just selecting the colour of their choice is enough. But that is not so. There are some essential features of the paint about which they must have an idea to get the desired result. And if you are also planning to give your property a great finishing touch then it is better to consult with the professional local painters and hire them for the service of exterior painting in Templestowe.

While it is hard to decide which colour you must select to give your home a beautiful look, if you think about it smartly you can get the best possible outcome. You don’t have to make any effort to do so. By checking online and doing some good research you can easily find and make the right decision. You can also get some good tips and advice from the expert house painters near St Kilda. As they are in the industry for years and have been serving the property owners efficiently, they can easily help you out.

Trending Exterior Walls Colours


When you will look for the wall colours you will be surprised to know that there are many more options than what you may have imagined. Yellow, pastel, pink, cream, navy or sky blue, brown, grey and orange. If you want to make it look more attractive then you can choose two different colours, one for the walls and the other for the roof.

Important Factors to Consider


Now before you select the wall colour it is better to consider some vital factors to get the best possible results. The location of your home, weather condition, how old your property is, the size and architectural design of your building, etc. Repairing the damaged portion and plastering the walls before painting is also important to get the best finish. You can be sure of getting the right value for your investment by hiring a trained team for exterior painting in Templestowe.

The professional house painters near St Kilda always communicate with the property owners when it comes to painting. Depending on their need and specific requirements they help them in selecting the best paint colour for exterior house painting. So you can take their help to make a fast and effective decision.

If you are planning to paint your home to give it a modern look and appeal then you must connect with us now. The professional and experienced painting team of Epico Pro Painting have great skills. We know our job and the things that need to be done to offer a great painting service. Since we are certified and insured to manage the project you can easily hire us for exterior painting in Templestowe. As we also offer a guarantee for the service so you don’t have to take the stress. Call us now for further discussion.