A Wide Array of Renovation, Design, Painting and Home Washing Service

At Epico Pro Painting, we offer a plethora of services in the suburbs of Melbourne. By taking up these services, you will get the best results. Moreover, as an experienced company serving in the suburbs of Melbourne, we aim to make each and every project a success with our attention to detail and quality workmanship.

So, if you want to beautify your property and make it look awe-inspiring, book a service. We assure you that you will not be disheartened by the results.

Services to Add or Restore the Allure of Your Property

We at Epico Pro Painting offer

Home Renovation and Maintenance

This is the ideal service that you can take up if you want to refurbish your property. Here, our professionals will step by step remodel your home as per your preferences and help keep it well-maintained so that you get a good value out of it if you ever wish to sell it.

Home Renovation

Home Design and Decoration

If you want to add allure to your home, this is the best service that you need to opt for because our professionals will add design your home the way you want them to be.

Home Design

Residential and Commercial Painting

Our professionals can paint both residential and commercial buildings with finesse. So, no matter the property you want to paint, get in touch with us now.

House Painting
Commercial Painting

Interior and Exterior Painting

We paint the interior and exterior surfaces of buildings with perfection, and for this reason, we are highly sought-after.

Interior Painting
Exterior Painting

Driveway Painting

We enhance the beauty of the outdoor areas of your property by painting driveways meticulously guaranteeing perfection.

Driveway Painting

Fence Painting

We paint fences with precision. We can paint all types of fences with attention to detail and we do that with care.

Fence Painting

Spray Painting

The best results can be achieved with spray paint since it helps in even distribution of paint throughout the service, and we use the best equipment for this type of painting.

Spray Painter

Two Pack Painting

Since a two-pack is a durable paint material, we use some of the best brushes and other equipment to apply the paint on all surfaces so that we can provide you with the best results.

Two Pack Painting

Roof Painting

We paint roofs thoroughly to make them look outstanding. Also, we suggest the best colour that will last for a long time.

Roof Painting

Deck Painting

If you want to make your deck look elegant, look no further than Epico Pro Painting since we paint decks quickly and attentively.

Deck Painting

Exterior Home Washing

We wash home exteriors thoroughly and make sure that no stains or spots are left on the surface that might reduce the appeal.

Home Washing

Interior Design

We help enhance the beauty of interior spaces by visualising and implementing modern and conventional designs.

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