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On the hunt for painters in Hawthorn? You’re in safe hands with Epico Pro Painting. Our team of skilled contractors use the latest techniques to deliver high-quality, lasting finishes for both residential and commercial spaces. We are detail-oriented, efficient, and committed to offering paint jobs that cater to your unique style and budget.

Dedicated House Painters in Hawthorn

In the realm of ‘home improvement painters’, Epico Pro Painting truly stands out. We transform your house into a priceless piece of art reflecting your own style and personality. We provide exterior and interior painting services, using the best quality eco-friendly paints and materials that do minimal harm to the environment. Our ‘house painters’ ensure that every brushstroke is made with precision and every detail is catered to.

Painting a house is no small task – it often requires extensive colour and material consultation to match your ideal aesthetic and design. This is part of the process we, as your trusted ‘painters Hawthorn’, take delight in. Additionally, we make it a point to work around your busy schedule so that we do not obstruct your daily routine, providing a service that is as non-intrusive as possible.

We’ve been part of many transformational journeys, painting houses beautifully in Hawthorn as well as the surrounding areas like Templestowe, Knoxfield, and Donvale. Our clients across these areas can vouch for the quality, efficiency, and dedication of our services.

Exceptional Wall Painters and Building Painters in Hawthorn

We maintain the highest standards of quality and precision in each project we undertake. Part of the quality assurance is our thorough preparation and repair process, a critical pre-painting step many overlook. In addition, Epico Pro Painting also provides drywall repair and ceiling painting services as part of our comprehensive building and wall painting services.

Decorating and painting buildings extends beyond Hawthorn; our services also cater to clients located in Box Hill and Vermont. We bring a world of colour and finesse to your spaces, showcasing a level of craftsmanship that is sure to impress all.

Why Choose Epico Pro Painting for Painters in Hawthorn?

There are a host of reasons to choose Epico Pro Painting as your go-to ‘painters Hawthorn’.

Here are a few of them:

  • Free No-Obligation Quotes: We believe in maintaining transparency right from the outset, which is why we provide free, no-obligation quotes for all painting services.
  • Expert Colour Consultation: Choosing the right colour can be overwhelming. With our free colour consultation service, we guide you in selecting the perfect shades that complement your space, lighting and furniture arrangement perfectly.
  • Guaranteed Timeframe: We respect your time and ensure that the project is completed within the agreed timeframe, without compromising on quality.
  • Fully Insured Painters: Our painters are insured providing you with peace of mind throughout the project.

Tips on Preparing for a Painting Job

Before our painters arrive at your doorstep, here are a few preparation tips for homeowners:

  • Clear the Space: Shift your furniture to the centre, ensuring a clear perimeter around walls, ceilings, windows and doors for the painters.
  • Take Down Decorations: Remove all wall décor, curtains, blinds and light fixtures if possible. This makes the job easier and quicker for the painting crew.
  • Clean your Walls: Dust and dirt can prevent paint from adhering properly. A simple wipe down goes a long way in ensuring a smooth canvas for your painters.

Call us now on 0469 711 050 to get started on your painting journey. Your transformed space is just a phone call away!

Frequently Asked Questions for Painters Hawthorn

Are the Epico Pro Painting team experienced residential and commercial painters in Hawthorn?

Yes, Epico Pro Painting consists of a team of skilled painters with years of experience delivering top-notch residential and commercial painting services in Hawthorn and the surrounding areas.

What type of paints do your house painters in Hawthorn use?

Our house painters use the best quality eco-friendly paints and materials that cause minimal harm to the environment while offering high-quality, durable finishes.

Can I receive a free, no-obligation quote from your painters in Hawthorn?

Absolutely, at Epico Pro Painting, we believe in transparency; that’s why we offer free, no-obligation quotes for all our painting services.

Do your wall and building painters in Hawthorn also provide colour consultation services?

Yes! Our team of expert painters provides free colour consultation services. We guide you in choosing the ideal shades that complement your space, lighting, and furniture arrangement.

Apart from Hawthorn, which other areas do your painters service?

We service not just Hawthorn but also several nearby locations like Forest Hill, Box Hill, Vermont, Templestowe, Knoxfield, Donvale, Bulleen, and Surrey Hills, among others.


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