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Why Light Coloured Exterior Paints Now a Hot Trend?

You might be wondering why so many buildings in Templestowe and Kew are now being painted with light colours. Aren’t they difficult to maintain since dirt, dust and stain can easily affect the appearance? Well, your point is not invalid but there are several reasons why these colours are trending right now. We will explain them here so that you can make better decisions, especially if you are looking to paint exterior surfaces.

  • Light Colours Reflect More Light

The painters carrying out exterior painting in Templestowe besides Kew are recommending light colours for outside surfaces of buildings since they reflect sunlight more thus making the colour look more attractive. Therefore, if you have an establishment, the exterior surface of which is painted with a light colour, expect more footfall since people are attracted to colours that are easy on their eyes.

  • Light Colours Give a Flat Look

At present, light colours on building surfaces are trending because they help establish a flat look.

People are now experimenting with this type of look, and these lighter shades are helping them to fulfil their objectives. In fact, if the exterior paint is a lighter shade, adding colourful artwork becomes easier which makes the building even more attractive.

  • A Quick Wash Can Quickly Help Restore the Looks

If the building exterior with light colour becomes dirty, an exterior home washing service in Kew apart from Templestowe will help in reviving the original appearance quickly. For this reason, these colours are now trending in these locations and in other regions as well.

However, if you want to go the conventional way to save maintenance costs, you can fall back to using mid-tones or shades that are a notch deeper.

  • The Option is there for a Darker Coat

A light-coloured coat on the outer surface of your building leaves a way for applying darker coats later, as per your preferences. So, due to this flexibility, this type of paint is now trending.

There have been many instances when exterior painters in Templestowe apart from Kew have applied extra coats later to buildings as per the request of the owners.

  • Makes the Building Look Elegant

This might sound very generic, but at present, anything that is simple and elegant can trend easily. The same is the case here with exterior painting.

Applying a coat that is mild makes a building look soothing yet appealing. Moreover, lighter colours can help amplify darker or richer ones that are in the locality. For this reason, customers are now opting for this type of paint colour which has amplified the trend.

  • Enables the Application of Various Colours on the Exterior

Light colours are trending now since the application of more than one colour is possible to the building exterior.

Surely, a dark or a rich colour will not provide you with the option of putting in more than one colour to your building, but a lighter note can. For this reason, Templestowe exterior painters recommend the usage of these colours on the wall.

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