Do your professionals have the necessary skills and certifications?

Yes. Our professionals have the necessary training, certification and skills to complete the service(s) with precision and on time. Besides, they aim to satisfy their clients by making providing them with the best results.

What is the cost of each service?

The cost varies from service to service. To know more about the cost of a service, call us or send an email mentioning your requirements or ask for a quote.

Are your employees insured?

As a reputed company offering a plethora of property-enhancement related services, we have insured all of our employees to make up for any accidents or damages that have taken place unintentionally.

Do your employees use the latest techniques?

Not only do we use the latest techniques for increasing the appeal of your property, we also use state of the art tools that help complete the job conveniently and with perfection.

How much time is required for completing a service?

We try to complete our work as soon as possible and within the deadline. However, it entirely depends on the type of service that you have opted for.

What happens if the weather becomes adverse while the professionals are working?

If the service is related to modifications in the exterior surface of your property, our professionals might have to halt their work because there is no point in working when the weather is unfavourable. You will only be getting unsatisfactory results. However, when the weather clears up, our professionals will commence their work.

Do your professionals take the necessary safety precautions while working?

Of course they do because this is for their safety and so is ours. And before they start working, they always inspect and plan the service approach that will keep them safe.

Can I give the professionals directions before they start work?

Yes you can. If, you want to discard or a certain area or want a few modifications, you can ask them before they start the work.

Can I get a quote for your services?

Yes, you can. Simply call us or send us an email and we will reply with a service estimate.